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Three Reasons Construction Companies Need to Embrace Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing indeed works. Sure, we may be biased, but do not take it from us. Marketing professionals in the United States have looked closely at the change in digital marketing spending and traditional advertising in the past eight years. Today some companies are spending more on digital marketing and less money on conventional marketing every year.

Companies today seem to recognize the value of construction industry marketing strategies. For example, the Wall Street Journal says the Construction/Mining Industry has the 5th most extensive marketing spend. So sales and marketing in the construction industry is serious business.

Most construction companies have common characteristics that may create barriers to digital marketing.

• The construction industry is likely one of the oldest in history. So it’s no surprise that the construction industry often takes the approach of leaving well enough alone.

• For the most part, digital marketing takes place in an office on a computer. A majority of construction work is done outside, on job sites. Thus, construction workforces aren’t in an environment where they can spend spare time optimizing email marketing campaigns. The skills of a digital marketer and a construction worker are different.

• Company culture is often reflected in its employees. For example, a B2B construction company that spends most of its time outdoors building tangible goods is far more likely to embrace marketing that reflects those qualities, like flyers and direct mail.

These are digital marketing barriers that construction industry sales and marketing face. If a company desires to remain competitive, it will embrace change as an opportunity. Otherwise, they might end up like Blockbuster.

We get it. Change can be scary. But throughout history, the best companies in the world have adopted, time and time again. So, here are three big reasons why construction companies need to embrace digital marketing. Here are three reasons construction companies need to embrace digital marketing.

1. Digital Marketing is Targeted Marketing

A drawback of traditional construction marketing strategies—like billboard ads and direct mail— is what’s termed “shotgun hunting,” where one covers a wide range but misses a key target. With digital marketing, such as Facebook Advertising, you can target various occupations, locations, age ranges, and other demographics.

A construction company advertising on a search engine will find customers actively looking for their services. While a billboard may reach a broader audience, many will be uninterested parties.

Pro Tip: Build an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to assist your team in targeting an online audience. This article can help you do that.

Develop your own ideal customer profile.

2. Digital Marketing is Measurable

Take the billboard example again. It’s difficult for a company to estimate the amount of revenue that an ad may deliver.

With digital marketing (email marketing campaigns or search engine advertising), one can track valuable data and statistics.

Suppose our construction company converted its billboard ad to a web banner ad. In that case, they could track with great accuracy how many read the ad, a stat called “impressions,” and how many of those reads turned into qualified leads. They could then determine how many qualified leads turned into closed deals.

And so, in real-time, one can watch prospective customers navigate your sales. Sales and marketing teams can then determine precisely how effective a marketing strategy is—down to the revenue generated.

3. Digital Marketing Builds Brand Equity and Loyalty

For many construction companies, word-of-mouth referrals are a large part of generating business. Today, online conversations and discourse are the new word-of-mouth referrals. Consider Google Reviews. Often viewers rule out a company with less than three stars. But, unlike fleeting real-life word-of-mouth, online reviews and testimonials live forever and build on trust.
A well-built website, email marketing, and an online social media presence will enable companies to show their best work.

Brand Equity, meaning the value of a company’s brand, is also heightened by an online presence. For example, suppose a prospective customer does a quick Google search for multiple construction companies without any prior knowledge. In that case, they will gravitate towards the company that keeps social media relevant and fresh and its website up to date.

If you need assistance building a construction website augmented for ever-changing digital marketing, view our Construction Website Best Practices Checklist.

Integrated Marketing Works

The construction industry should not abandon outbound marketing. On the contrary, inbound and outbound marketing tactics complement each other. For example, if a construction company takes out a billboard ad, it should ensure that social media and email marketing campaigns nurture leads. But if a construction company wants to compete in the 21st century, it needs to be serious about digital marketing.
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Article Written by: Conor O’Brien

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