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Make Marketing Tech work for you.

Leading software companies trust Peritus Marketing with marketing tech stack support and troubleshooting.

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WordPress Maintenance

Our WordPress Webmaster Services will keep your website running error free.

Marketing Automation Support

HubSpot, Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo, ActiveCampaign, ZoHo, SharpSpring, and more ...

Attribution & Measurement

Google Analytics G4 property management and custom campaign tracking.

Our WordPress Webmaster Services keep your website running error free.

A well functioning website is at the heart of your sales and marketing effort.  Peritus can ensure that your site integrates with your marketing automation and CRM software to host blog content, landing pages, and capture real time insights.


From website backups to SSL certificates, Peritus will make sure your marketing website stays secure.


We can tackle performance issues to improve page load time, website speed, and indexing.

5 steps toward better sales enablement.

SaaS companies who align Sales and marketing have a 38% higher sales win rate.  Our Tech Stack Support services will help you build a better sales enablement infrastructure and translate marketing spend into revenue.

  • Intergrate Lead Scoring, Pipeline Management & Email Automation Onto One Platform
  • Configure Technology Around Your Sales Process

  • Use Lead Scoring Recipes to Assign Numerical Scoring & Measure Prospect Engagement
  • Track Buying Signals, Website Page Visits, Email Opens & Social Engagement
  • Prioritize Leads Based on Data

  • Deliver Real-Time Insights Dircetly in Your Sales Team’s Inbox
  • Internal Notifications 
  • Automation Recipes
  • Pipeline Automation & Deal Creation
  • Trigger Sales Outreach 

  • Automate One-to-One Email Follow Up
  • Trigger Social Media Outreach
  • Send Task & Call  Reminders to Sales Reps
  • Standardize Sales Scripts

  • Make It Easy for Sales Teams to Execute Follow Up with Custom Views
  • See the Data That Matters
  • Sales Funnel & Pipeline Configuration
  • Dashboards & Reporting 

“It’s great to find an agency with expertise in construction tech and who can build content that resonates with our audience.”

~ David S., ConstructEdge

Optimize SaaS marketing channels with attribution.

Measuring marketing performance helps identify course corrections so you can double down on your most profitable channels. Peritus can configure your tech stack to report on campaign, medium and source level detail.

  • Google Analytics (G4) Management

    Don't get left out in the cold with Google's next update. Let Peritus configure your G4 property to show the website traffic analytics that matter to you.

  • Campaign Attribution

    Custom UTM paramneters let you track website traffic from each of your mareketing channels including social, email, paid, and organic.

  • Hootsuite & SEMrush Reporting

    Advanced website traffic analytics and keyword position tracking from SEMrush. Social Media reporting from HootSuite.

  • CRM & MAS Dashboards

    We'll get your sales reps on the same page with customized data views, dashboards, and pipeline configuration to improve sales execution.

Make marketing technology work for you and give sales teams actionable insights.

As a marketing tech stack leader in the SaaS space since 2019, our teams of content marketers, creative writers, videographers, graphic designers and data-driven strategists have over 50 years of experience.

Marketing Automation Support
Marketing Automation Support

MAS & CRM Integration

Consolidating marketing automation (MAS) and CRM onto a single platform simplifies workflows, makes administration easier, and aligns sales and marketing teams.  Peritus supports HubSpot, Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo, ActiveCampaign, and more ...

WordPress Webmaster Services
WordPress Webmaster Services

WordPress Maintenance

The success of your content marketing strategy depends on positioning your website as a resource hub.  Peritus' WordPress Webmaster Services take the pain out of content updates, landing page design, integrating lead capture forms, and email optins.  

Marketing Automations Support
Marketing Automations Support

Automations, Workflows & Lead Scoring Recipes

Lead Scoring recipes deliver insights directly in Sales Team's inbox.  Automations and workflows drive email campaigns, lead capture, outreach sequences, internal notifications, task assignment, and more ...

Pipeline Management
Pipeline Management

Pipeline & Sales Funnel Design

Make sure your marketing tech stack supports your sales process.  Sales funnel design, pipeline coinfiguration, and shared views of prospect, account, and deal level data keep your sales team on the same page.  Automated Outreach Sequences send one-to-one, personalized emails and task reminders.

Explore Teck Stack Support Packages

Improve marketing execution, sales enablement, and reach customer acquisition goals with start-to-finish tech stack support.

“Peritus helped us in a pinch when we needed to ramp up content creation. It was great to have a partner who understands demand generation in the SaaS space.”

    Jeff Sample
    Jeff Sample


    “Peritus made an immediate impact on our marketing strategy. From marketing automation to building case studies and product guides they've been a huge help.”

      Chuck Dirks
      Chuck Dirks

      Innovas Technologies

      "Peritus is great at helping define strategy, especially in the software sales arena, building content and sales enablement tools that drive customer acquisition.”

        Benny Baltrotsky
        Benny Baltrotsky

        Stanley Black & Decker

        "Peritus is a partner with both expertise in creating content for SaaS marketing and who can operate at the right pace to keep up with a fast moving startup."

          Arik Davidi
          Arik Davidi


          “Peritus has done a great job standing up a foundation to drive demand generation for PypeServer. It’s great to work with a partner who knows the software market.”

            David Basiji
            David Basiji

            PypeServer Software

            “It's great to find an agency with expertise in construction technology and who can build relevant content that resonates with our target audience.”

              David Smigel
              David Smigel


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