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5 Marketing Tips for Kicking Off 2021 Right.

5 Marketing Tips for Kicking Off 2021 Right.

Are you trying to finish 2020 right and make Q1 2021 planning feel like less of a moving target? The trends are taking shape, so here are 5 marketing tips to consider for your content plans next year.

The New Normal for Small Business

Peritus Marketing believes the quickest way to activate your buyer to customer journey
(prospect-to-customer advocacy) is by leveraging affordable Marketing Automation
software. However, one of the biggest challenges for Startups and Small-Medium businesses is fueling it with content.

The Amazing Strategic Planning Puzzle

The Amazing Strategic Planning Puzzle

With the economic recovery extending longer than anticipated, your business is probably evolving quicker than you can say, snap. These steps will help guide communication with your broader team.

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