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7 Mission Critical Tactics for Your Construction Marketing Strategy

Construction Marketing Tips

The pandemic, Covid-19, changed life as we know it, sparking businesses to re-evaluate how they operate. The construction industry is no exception, causing many contractors to find the balance between social distancing and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) use. Like many industries, construction has seen great challenges during the pandemic, causing the industry to become more creative with marketing to […]

7 Top Construction Technologies Driving the Industry

Construction Technology

Seventy-Six percent of engineering and construction executives indicated that they plan to invest in digital technology this year, according to Deloitte’s 2021 engineering and construction industry outlook. The latest construction technologies are helping construction business owners facilitate digital transformations and stay ahead of the competition by increasing collaboration, lowering costs, and delivering better projects. There are […]

Three Reasons Construction Companies Need to Embrace Digital Marketing

construction digital marketing

Digital Marketing indeed works. Sure, we may be biased, but do not take it from us. Marketing professionals in the United States have looked closely at the change in digital marketing spending and traditional advertising in the past eight years. Today some companies are spending more on digital marketing and less money on conventional marketing […]

Eight Construction Marketing Tools to Leverage in 2022

Construction Tech Digital Marketing

If you own or want to start a construction company, your competitors will surpass you unless you learn to leverage digital marketing strategies. 96% of B2B customers prefer using the internet to do business with manufacturers and merchants. It doesn’t matter whether you sell directly to vendors or other companies. We will look into the eight top digital […]

Construction Tech Marketing Strategies to Build Brand and Drive Sales

Construction Tech Marketing

Guest Author: Anthony Bartell In the past 10 years, marketing strategies have changed a lot. Establishing an effective and profitable digital marketing strategy for your construction technology business can be the difference between high growth and a bumpy road of trial and error. In this article, we highlight some proven tips for construction technology firms […]

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