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StructShare: SaaS Startup Website & Marketing Automation

Customer Profile

StructShare is a complete materials management platform that connects field teams with suppliers and the back office to manage building material requests, approvals, and track jobsite delivery. The app allows back office teams to automate three -way matching of PO’s, invoices and material receiving documentation.

As a nimble startup, StructShare needed to move quickly in building a marketing foundation that could support customer acquisiton.  The primary challenge was proving that an “inbound model” could create enough demand generation to secure the next round of funding.

StructShare needed an inbound marketing foundation to prove the “inbound” concept and support the next round of funding – in which they were ultimately successful.  

Marketing Strategy

Peritus began by conducting stakeholder interviews with the CEO, both Founders, the sales and development teams.  This helped define the sales process and in turn design an inbound marketing program to support customer acquisition targets.   Secondly, this uncovered the customer journey so that we could refine StructShare’s unique value proposition.  

We suggested that leadership think of the “big picture” and design an inbouund marketing/sales process that would support a larger salesforce as the company grew.  The foundation would be built on lead magnets, a robust email marketing campaign, trade shows, paid advertising, sales enablement tools, marketing automation, and a new website.  

Aligning Messaging With Personas

The initial messaging migrated from the functional use of the software to include articulating how better materials management can make job costing easier for small contractors and increase profits.  Pain points around incomplete material orders on the jobsite, reconciling shipping documentation with purchase orders and invoices, and placing orders from the field became the focal points. 

Building a SaaS Website with the right elements.

StructShare needed a completely new website.  Based on our experience in software marketing strategy, we suggested a website with the following characteristics; targeted messaging for each persona (role, industry vertical), conversion-oriented design, a resource center to house lead magnets and thought leadership articles, robust integration with a marketing automation tool, and easy to maintain so that multiple authors could contribute content.

The primary function of the website was to host a resource center that Peritus would fill with Case Studies, eBooks, white papers, and resource articles.  Dedicated landing pages with custom HubSpot forms handled lead-capture.  

The Tactics We Used

How We Organized the Editorial calendar to Populate the Resource Center with Top-of-Funnel Content

Marketing execution comes down to a well-organized editorial calendar.  For StructShare, the cadence involved producing one pillar piece of content like an eBook or Case Study each month, layering on SEO focused blog articles, and then pushing content across email, social media, and paid channels. 

StructShare is a big participant in industry trade shows.  Promotion of these shows was done before, during, and after to drive booth attendance and leaned heavily on lead magnets and case studies for messaging.

Marketing Automation: from HubSpot to Salesforce/Pardot

After several months of working together Peritus helpd StructShare identify a Head of Sales and as the team began to grow the decision was made to migrate from HubSpot to a Salesforce/Pardot instance.  Peritus led the system conversion with a seamless integration between StructShare’s content, website, marketing automation, and CRM tools.  This strengthened the ability to capture data on how prospects engaged with content and provide BDR’s and Sales teams with actionable insights. 


The Founders’ primary goal in hiring Peritus was prove the efficacy of an in-bound marketing model and build a foundation for growth.  Peritus successfully architected a strategy that refined messaging, supported customer acquisition, and optimized the best mix of marketing channels.  In the first 90 days of the engagement 785 new leads had been created and website visitors had increased 239.7% quarter-on-quarter.  The in-bound model was a resounding success and helped propel the next round of funding.

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Design a new WordPress website and integrate HubSpot to support demand generation and support the customer customer acquisition (sales) process.

Develop a rich resource center with top-of funnel content, deliver it with email marketing and SEO, and then support Sales with MQL’s.

+239.7% increase in new website visitors quarter on quarter after launch.  The 90-day development of a Pipeline provided Sales with 785 new MQLs.

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