Bootstrapped or in the early stages of financing?

Startups face multiple marketing challenges including stiff competition (both direct and indirect) and an overwhelming number of strategic marketing options.  In this early stage companies struggle with consistent campaign execution, all while operating on a slim marketing budget.  Peritus Marketing was founded to help founders navigate these obstacles and build a scalable, well-crafted sales and marketing engine.

Marketing Challenge: Competition. Indirect or Direct.

Solution: Know what you are doing but be different—differentiation (Price, Product, Competitive Positioning – Unique and Valuable).  Creating a competitive intelligence matrix provides a comprehensive and actionable data set.  This supports a lean program to help drive strategic and product marketing strategies.


Marketing Challenge: Too many marketing options.

Solution: Focus on understanding your buyer personas and the buyer journey.  Kowing where buyers hang out and the language they use when searching out problem-solving solutions is an important firt step. 

For B2B Startups, SEO and Search Engine Marketing are crucial channels to leverage because of the multiple benefits (branding, reputation, education) offered and for their revenue generating potential. 

All of the content created for the website can be repurposed into marketing programs and sales enablement tools. 

Once you’ve uncovered who you’re targeting, you can narrow down your marketing options.  At Peritus, we help companies identify their target market.  We’ll help you find it.  Study it.  Live it.  Breathe it.  Dominate it.

Marketing Challenge: Staying focused

Solution: The best marketing strategies can fail if your team is distracted by other obligations or opportunities.  Founders need to learn to outsource their time and learn to ask, “how will this program help drive sales growth?”

Thanks to affordable technology such as marketing automation software, early stage companies can develop a sales funnel and track which initiatives are moving the needle on a modest budget. 

Getting the correct tools in place up front, can save time and significantly reduce customer acquisition costs.  Often, Peritus can help implement and support content marketing, CRM and automation software at less than half the cost for hiring an entry level sales representative.

Marketing Challenge: Limited Marketing Budget

Startups usually operate on a shoestring marketing budget, and have to account for every dollar spent.  The problem is that startup founders perceive this to be a disadvantage when implementing a viable marketing strategy.  Marketing costs money.  Yes, but if you can attribute sales revenue to marketing activities, then increasing the budget makes business sense.

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Build a marketing and sales engine to get your venture off the ground.

Bootstrapped or in the early stages of financing?  We have worked with multiple successful Startups, helping them grow from Zero to hero through a series of funding rounds — growing teams, tech stacks, and plenty of coffee.

We offer Startup lessons learned in terms of a hybrid marketing service model and serve as a strategic partner that has sat in your seat.  We can build it for you, build it with you and help you do it yourself as your business grows.

A strong foundation.

Using a proven Marketing Strategy Brief we enable Startup companies to build a strong foundation that can scale with the enterprise through multiple stages of growth.  This helps avoid the costs of trial and error.

Marketing a startup can be a challenge, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  Early stage companies rely on Peritus to navigate potential pitfalls and lay a strong marketing foundation to  win sales and grow revenue. 

Focused on revenue.

Marketing strategy has one goal; to help win revenue,  Combining data, software, content, and efficiency ensure that marketing programs generate results-from the top-of-the-funnel to deal-making at the bottom-of-the-funnel.

Statup founders lean on Peritus to track marketing campaigns and tie them directly to revenue goals.  Marketing ROI is in our DNA. Marketing transparency and operational efficiency, even for a team of one, are in our blood.

Featured Research

Sales teams face a multitude of challenges.  We regularly publish research to help share best practices on topics like sales enablement, content marketing and sales automation technology.