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More than 80% of customers perform an online search before making a buying decision.”

– Bazaarvoice

Competitive Research

» Domain Overview
» Traffic Analytics / Organic Research
» Online Review Analysis
» Keyword Gap Analysis

Keyword Research

» Keyword Overview
» Discover new Keywords
» Keyword Management
» Organic Traffic Insights

Build SEO-Driven Editorial Calendars

» SEO Content Templates (for Client/Agency Writers)
» Publish Content on a consistent [resource-driven] cadence
» Track & Optimization of pages

On-Page & Technical SEO

» Site Audit / On-Page SEO Checker
» List Management (Local SEO)
» Website Log File Analysis
» Backlink Gap Analysis

SEO Content Strategy

» SEO/Keyword Summary/Analysis
» Recommendations on where opportunities exist  

Link Building Campaigns

» Backlink Analytics
» Backlink Audits
» Link Building Tool/Campaigns

Performance Reports

» Ongoing Weekly & Monthly Reports
» Position Tracking
» Rank Benchmarking

Critical Analysis

» Understand your website’s strengths and weaknesses
» Understand your competitors and prospective customers
» Utilize insights to build winning Content Marketing strategies and generate more revenue.

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“Peritus has been instrumental in helping Staples Construction develop and execute an effective business development and marketing campaign.”

David Staples

Owner, Staples Construction Company

Marketing Services

Marketing for search engines isn’t easy.  We address the challenges for startups & small-medium businesses.

Search engines are not static.

The internet is continually evolving. Our SEO Services are research-driven for creating the Right Content at the Right Time to influence buyers. The target is moving, so you need to research and execute a stable lead generation program continually. Understanding what your competition is doing helps us work with you on how to differentiate your service offerings.

My website isn’t generating leads for sales.

SEO will provide the insights necessary to discover where and what your target audience is searching for on the internet. Tracking the results tied to revenue is critical for optimization and seeing consistent growth.   

We don’t have enough resources top create content.

We can “Do it For You,” or “Work with You,” or guide you to “Do it Yourself.” The most critical aspect is leveraging the research and analysis to drive the SEO-driven content marketing plan.

We need to build trust and authority with prospects.

SEO and creating high-quality content along your buyer journey go hand-in-hand with our service.  We deliver a programmatic approach to increasing traffic, engaging buyers along the journey, and generating revenue on the web.

We’ve designed a practical, step-by-step process to generate results for startups & small-medium businesses.

Frame a data driven SEO strategy.

Getting the results you want depends on framing a data driven SEO and Content Marketing strategy.  We start with an audit of your existing assets to collect deep insights into your website and top competitors.

Execute more efficiently.

We build data driven Editorial Calendars to turn critical insights into action.  We employ link building campaigns to get relevant websites to link to your website’s new content and strengthen your domain authority.  This helps ensure that your content ranks well in search engine results pages.

Evaluate performance & results.

We automate reporting and bring transparency to how SEO drives better results and impacts your business. We provide insights into your website’s performance to generate more revenue from the internet.

We understand small-medium businesses & startups.

When you have limited resources to channel toward ranking on search engine results pages, getting eyeballs on your content can be a real challenge.  Peritus leverages the power of research to identify areas where your SEO investment can go a little further such as related key words.  We help startups and small-medium businesses identify areas where there is comparably less competition and then implement SEO strategies that have a greater opportunity to show near-term results.

We’re not your typical SEO shop.

We view SEO as a strategy that offers invaluable insights to influence your overall marketing communications strategy – Getting found through search engine results pages.  It is important to build content that targets those keywords your customers are searching for as they move though each stage in the buyer journey (Awareness, Consideration, Decision).  For example, building middle of the funnel content to nurture potential customers as they consider your solution only works if you target the keywords customers are using as they self-educate through internet research.

We offer: 

SEO Consulting – We partner with in-house teams to fuel organic growth.

SEO Management – We identify all gaps in your SEO strategy and engineer a plan for success, and the results to prove it. 

We’re sales & marketing veterans.

Small-medium businesses and startups have a short time horizon in which to realize a return on marketing investment.  SEO is important because organic traffic offers the lowest cost per lead.  However, SEO is a long game and it can take time before any content ranks high enough in organic searches to generate leads that result in revenue.

Peritus believes in being good stewards of our client’s marketing investment.  We’ll help you lay a strong foundation based on industry best practices so that as your business, and your marketing budget, grows you’ll have a dynamic SEO strategy that helps your content get found in search engine results.

Our comprehensive Strategy Brief is a deliverable that helps clients stay on track with efficient execution and that focuses on translating marketing into revenue.

Resource articles and featured research.

Marketing is a complex equation that pulls together strategy, content and technology.  We publish thought leadership and resource articles to help share best practices on content marketing, technology and b2B sales enablement.

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Your B2B business needs a social media strategy.

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