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How Content translates marketing into sales revenue.

How Content translates marketing into sales revenue.

93% of B2B companies say that content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing tactics. However, the majority also cite content creation as one of their most pressing challenges.

In our eBook on content marketing we provide a blueprint for creating content efficiently. Learn how you can leverage customers and internal stakeholders to build lead magnets that resonate with prospects.

Understanding Inbound Marketing

Understanding Inbound Marketing

Gone are the days when static outbound marketing strategies that yield unreliable results. In fact, today’s business world is extremely competitive, intense, and ever-changing, especially when it comes to marketing to your target audience. You need to diversify revenue streams and determine which (Outbound and Inbound) programs are most effective. Outbound is typically more costly relying heavily on the Sales team where Inbound marketing fuels the funnel for them.

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