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Marketing Automation Software

The #1 CRM & Marketing Automation platform designed for Startups and SMB businesses to drive sales.

Put CRM maintenance on autopilot & focus on closing deals.

Another powerful advantage gained from implementing automation software is that it allows you to perform routine sales activities and assign follow up tasks based on triggers set up within the software.  For example, creating new deals and updating contact records helps free up your salespeople to focus more time on selling.

Send automated emails to nurture prospects.

Automated email campaigns can be used to  drive marketing campaigns or send a welcome series to onboard new customers.  Messaging can be tailored based on the customer’s profile and built to address each stage within the buyer journey.  Email automation is an essential tool help sales teams nurture prospects and to manage customer relationships.

Gives your sales team the tools to track prospect engagement.

Lead scoring gives you real time insight into a potential customers level of engagement with your company’s solution.  In turn, this helps sales reps prioritize business development activity around pipeline management rather than endless prospecting and leads to more closed deals.

What clients are saying about Peritus

“Peritus has been instrumental in helping Staples Construction develop and execute an effective business development and marketing campaign.”

David Staples

Owner, Staples Construction Company

“The team at Peritus Marketing are 100% focused on ROI, from strategy to program execution. I appreciate that our relationship is more of an alliance to continually grow my business.”

Patricia Bustamonte

CEO, HR Extension

“Peritus are experts. They made some suggestions to our Red Apple Reading home page that really brought the whole site up to date! Highly recommended!”

Jason B.

CEO, Red Apple Reading, Inc.