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PypeServer: Marketing Foundation to Build Brand Awareness

Customer Profile

PypeServer is a late-stage startup software company whose PypeServer Enterprise product is the industry leading fabrication workflow software. The software allows pipe fabricators to pull designs from BIM and CAD software and send cut-ready files to pipe profiling machines.
Additonal product include PypeServer Connect, PypeServer Cloud, and PypeServer Lyte which brings the power and intelligence of PypeServer Enterprise to smaller cutting tools, establishing it as the industry standard for all types of fabrication.

PypeServer was referred to Peritus through an existing client as the CEO, David Basiji, sought out a team to help develop and execute on a marketing strategy. The primary goal was to ramp up Pypeserver’s digital presence and establish a go-to-market plan for the PypeServer Lyte product based largely on digital marketing.

“Peritus has done a great job standing up a digital marketing foundation to drive demand generation for PypeServer.  It’s great to work with a partner who understands the software market.” – David Basiji, PypeServer

Marketing Strategy

After conducting a series of stakeholder interviews with the CEO, Founder, and sales teams Peritus began to work on the strategy stack that would include an Ideal Customer Profile for multiple personas, and a Product Marketing Matrix to develop consistent messaging.
Secondly, a Channel Strategy was compiled with a focus on partner Case Studies, video, industry Trade Shows, Blog Articles, eMail Marketing, and Webinars. A heavy emphasis was placed on articulating the value of partnerships with other players who integrate into the fabrication workflow as machine manufacturers or BIM/CAD software providers and in product updates/releases.

Developing the Product Messaging Matrix

The Product Messaging Matrix defines criteria including Pain Point, Solution/Feature, Benefit, and Messaging/Headline for each persona. Each persona typically has several paint point, and in Pypeserver’s case this was true for each of the personas identified.
The real sizzle happens when Messaging is developed that articulates how each product feature in the software solves a day-to-day problem for users and is presented in the prospect’s terms. This meant developing messaging that balanced the technical aspects with authentic, down-to-earth language.

Leveraging the Voice of Customer with Webinars and Video Case Studies

In a world where short attention spans are the norm, PypeServer has made good use of video. This has worked particularly well in showcasing customer use cases – an important aspect for selling into a market where the adoption of technology is still new. Helping fabricators who are unfamiliar with PypeServer see how the software improves the workflow for shops similar to their own resonates with the audience.

In addition, PypeServer has leveraged webinars as an effective marketing tool. One advantage comes from operating within an ecosystem that typically involves multiple partners. Brining together multiple partners within the industry makes for a shared workload in producing webinar content.

Peritus has helped Pypeserver promote webinars before the event takes place as a lead magnet, and after the fact as on-demand, evergreen video content. Both webinars and video case studies offer prospects bite size chunks of information that are easy to digest and increase engagement.

The Tactics We Used

Using Software Release Notes to Highlight Feature/Solution sets.

By their nature software companies produce a lot of documentation. Repurposing product release notes is a tried and true strategy for developing content. It reminds existing customers that the product continues to improve and highlights the feature/benefit set rolled out in each update. Messaging can be framed around each feature and shared across multiple social media and eMail campaigns.

Developing a keyword strategy to improve organic traffic.

Peritus crafted a keyword strategy for PypeServer that centered around keywords with sufficient volume and competitive difficulty to warrant the effort. Many of these keywords were related to partners within the ecosystem and which had a high volume of organic search activity. With a mind on improving organic search traffic, keyword strategy was integrated into blog articles and on product pages across the website.


PypeServer’s primary goal was to drive the go-to-market initiative for the PypeServer Lyte product using digital marketing to push prospects through the funnel. To measure this, a lead scoring model was developed that tracked prospect interaction to quantify marketing quailified leads (MQLs). In the first 6 months, results were substantial with a 2,047% increase in MQLs.

In addition to tracking prospect engagement, analyzing organic traffic is a priority. Over the same 6- month period the website saw an increase of 828.96% in website visits from organic search.

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Ramp up Pypeserver’s digital presence and establish a go-to-market plan for the PypeServer Lyte product based largely on digital marketing.

Develop targeted messaging for each persona, and for each stage in the buyer journey.  Leverage webinars, video, blog and email marketing to drive traffic to the website.

+828.96% increase in new website visitors within the fist 6 months.  Implementation of marketing automation software to track engagement increased new MQLs by 2,047%.

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