StructShare is the #1 materials management software for specialty trade contractors and building materials suppliers.  The private equity backed SaaS startup needed a new website to ramp up demand generation.

Customer Profile

StructShare needed a new website to market the app and drive customer acquisition.

StructShare is a complete materials management platform that connects field teams with suppliers and the back office to manage building material requests, approvals, and track jobsite delivery.  The app allows back office teams to automate three -way matching of PO’s, invoices and material receiving documentation. 

As a nimble startup, StructShare needed a website built with conversion oriented design to serve as the foundation for content marketing and customer acquisition.

The Goal

Design a new website to support denmand generation and customer acquisition.

The Strategy

Utilize conversion oriented design principles to engage and convert website visitors.

The Result

+239.7% increase in new website visitors quarter on quarter after launch.

Digital Strategies for Real Businesses

Conversion Oriented Design

Peritus began by conducting stakeholder interviews and diagnosing the customer journey to uncover StructShare’s unique value proposition.  The focus migrated from the functional use of the software to include articulating how better materials management can make job costing easier for small contractors and increase profits.

Above the Fold real Estate

Statistically, 60% of website visitors will leave before scrolling through a website’s homepage.  This makes the portion of the website visible without scrolling extremely valuable.  One of the primary principles in conversion-oriented design is optimizing the above the fold real estate.  This gets done by using multiple buttons with strong CTA’s like Book Demo and Get Started.

A second way to optimize above the fold real estate is with a mega menu.  By adding multiple layers of navigation, you can personalize the site visitor’s user experience.  For example, personalizing navigation for individual trades like electrical, concrete, plumbing, and HVAC helps visitors understand how StructShare can help their company specifically.  The same goes for identifying user types including accounting, purchasing, field teams and suppliers.

Utilizing the Website as a Resource Hub

Utilizing the WordPress blog post categories, we optimized the resource center to include the Trades Blog, News, and Events pages.  This made it easier for multiple Editors to contribute content to the website.  From Peritus created content like blog articles and eBooks to build brand awareness and drive direct traffic through email drip campaigns.  StructShare is a big participant in industry trade shows and by adding a blog category to highlight events these events can easily be shared across social media channels. 

HubSpot Integration

Peritus worked to architect a dep integration between StructShare’s content, website, and marketing automation software – HubSpot.  The primary goal was to capture data on how prospects engage with content and provide BDR’s and Sales teams with actionable insights.  This began with ensuring that insights on page visits and form completions was pulled into the CRM.          

StructShare is off to a fast start and marching toward user acquisition goals.  In the first quarter after launch 785 new leads have been created and website visitors have increased 239.7% quarter on quarter.

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