How storytelling helped capitalize on an opportunity in jobsite connectivity.

Customer Profile

Using a refined process to develop an integrated marketing strategy.

ConstructEDGE is a multi-generational, privately-held company with an expanding niche in the construction job site space. Vice President, David Smigel recognized the opportunity to expand the business based on a unique need within this industry niche. Smigel wanted a strategic marketing partner who could develop messaging that built upon the company’s success with existing customers.

The Goal

Execute with urgency to capitalize on an opportunity in jobsite connectivity.

The Strategy

Develop messaging to build on ConstructEdge’s success with existing customers.

The Result

Website launch and campaign delivery in less than 60 days.

Digital Strategies for Real Businesses

Without a dedicated in-house Marketing resource, ConstructEdge needed a partner with a broad skill set and industry expertise to develop and implement a strategic marketing plan.  Digital marketing isn’t easy. There are a myriad of moving parts ranging from the website to marketing automation technology, which together, create the infrastructure to execute campaigns and delver content.

Marketing Execution

ConstructEDGE saw the need to drive a better integration between HubSpot and Word Press so that the website could serve as a content hub. The game plan was to use case studies and product videos as lead magnets.  In addition, they wanted to develop and execute consistent email drip campaigns to share their work with general contractors who might also benefit from the last mile, trailer connectivity, and field connectivity services that were helping their current  customers.

Content Strategy

This meant creating content for each stage in the buyer journey to explain how the suite of connectivity services helps general contractors get internet data and networks up and running on jobsites.  On top of this, ConstructEdge is still an early stage company.  The marketing tech stack was still being solidified, a new website was in development, and the sales team needed foundational level collateral.

This called for a partner who could tailor messaging to the construction industry and  maintain the content delivery machine.

Peritus’ initial approach to strengthening ConstructEDGE’s marketing effort began by leveraging existing assets to get email drip campaigns up and running fast. Email marketing consistently represents the highest ROI among all marketing channels. Custom email templates were designed to share the valuable industry insights contained within case studies and product videos.

Since ConstructEDGE has a fantastic track record in the industry, harnessing the voice of customer was a natural place to start creating new content. This centered around additional case studies and technical product guides for productized service offerings.

Leveraging Existing Content for a Fast Start

One of the priorities for ConstructEDGE was getting out to a fast start. Initial campaigns were developed making use of existing content and to test the viability of email addresses in the database. Peritus conducted stakeholder interviews with the executive team to develop detailed buyer personas and map the buyer journey. Keyword research and channel analysis was added to develop strategy.

To see how Peritus helped ConstructEdge get up and running fast and to learn more about how strategy and technology work together read the full case study.


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