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Content strategy, web design, and automation yields a 1,000% ROI on marketing investment.

Customer Profile

Using content to develop awareness and drive customer acquisition.

3P Partners specializes in placing executive and senior technical professionals into global clients, which include Fortune 500 Food & Beverage CPG companies, privately-held food ingredients manufacturers, multi-generational farming operations and 3PL providers.

Managing Partner, Rachel Quinn recognized the opportunity to enhance the customer acquisition model through a content strategy and sought a strategic marketing partner who could develop messaging building upon the company’s success with existing customers.

The Goal

Redesign and launch a new website to serve as a content hub supporting customer acquisition.

The Strategy

Develop messaging to build on 3P Partners’ track record of success.

The Result

Over a 1,000% ROI from revenue directly attributed to digital marketing.

Digital Strategies for Real Businesses

The Chalenge

Without a dedicated in-house Marketing resource, 3P Partners needed a marketing agency with a broad skill set and industry expertise to develop and implement a strategic marketing plan.  Digital marketing isn’t easy. There are a myriad of moving parts ranging from the website to marketing automation technology, which together, create the infrastructure to execute campaigns and delver content.

3P Partners saw the need to redesign and launch a new website that could serve as a content hub to drive customer acquisition.  The game plan was to use case studies highlighting a strong track record of delivering results for clients.  In addition, 3P wanted to develop value added resources to help job candidates and hiring managers better manage the interview process.

Marketing Strategy

Peritus began with a refined onboarding process including conducting stakeholder interviews with management and sales teams to develop detailed personas.  This helped craft messaging to resonate with prospects and also to harnesses the voice of customer based on case studies. 

A well organized editorial calendar helped drive marketing execution and create new content at a consistent cadence.  More content helped optimize the website as a resource center which, in turn supported email drip campaigns and organic SEO efforts.

Peritus also implemented the SalesRocket Marketing Automation Software to manage marketing channels, deliver email drip campaigns, drive lead scoring, and automate deal creation within the CRM’s Deals pipeline.  This gave 3P Partners’ sales team real-time visibility on which prospects were engaging with their content.

Over a 1,000% ROI on

Marketing Investment

One of the objectives with all marketing investment is to track revenue generated against marketing channel so that you can double down on what works best for your audience. 

3P Partners hit paydirt with content marketing realizing over 1,000% ROI from revenue directly attributed to a content strategy heavily focused on case studies, eBooks, resource guides and email campaigns. 

Additionally, website traffic has increased by 578% through a combination of organic search results and direct traffic from email drip campaigns.

This strategy has created an average of 150 marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) each quarter dramatically strengthening 3P’s customer acquisition model.


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