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“39% of customers only trust brands if they have interacted with them on social platforms.”

– Edelman, 2018


We’ll unearth your brands most powerful stories and tackle the toughest — and the most technical — topics.  We’ll help you uncover your brand’s personality to unlock your advertising potential.


Target Audience

We’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your audience and which channels are most profitable for your advertising.  This helps build targeted campaigns to generate more qualified leads for the Sales Team. 


Position your paid advertising based on Keyword and competitive research to generate the highest Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Social media

Use sponsored content like LinkedIn ads, Facebook posts and sponsored Tweets to drive traffic to your best content.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Generate traffic to your website and boost campaign performance with PPC advertising such as Google Display, Text or Re-targeting.

Third Party Reviews

User reviews are a marketing trend small businesses can’t afford to ignore.  92% of users are hesitant to complete a purchase in the absence of positive customer reviews. 

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Rebound from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This eBook is designed for startups and small-medium businesses looking to rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic and searching for solutions to accelerate company growth and revenue. Our proven marketing framework, software, and services empower our clients to manage customer journeys effectively and generate remarkable sales growth.


“The team at Peritus Marketing has both outstanding agency and client-side marketing expertise and offers me a unique strategic marketing partnership. They are 100% focused on ROI, from strategy to program execution. I appreciate that our relationship is more of an alliance to continually grow my business and not a one-off.”

Patricia Bustamonte

CEO, HR Extension

Promote your best content to drive traffic.

Lead scoring gives you real time insight into a potential customers level of engagement with your company’s solution.  In turn, this helps sales reps prioritize business development activity around pipeline management rather than endless prospecting and leads to more closed deals.

Put your brand to work and expand your reach.

We’ll do the hard work to identify the key words and phrases to develop and execute paid search and social media campaigns that drive traffic.


Use targeted channels to reach the right prospects. 

We’ll help you identify the best channels to connect with your target audience and maximize your paid media advertising budget.

Double down on the right content and platform to increase leads. 

We’ll help you test which content drives the most conversions and then double down by increassing traffic with paid efforts.


Pillar Content

Pillar content in the form of whitepapers or case studies, covers broad topics and forms the cornerstone of individual campaigns.  The idea is that if you have one large ebook, you can leverage it to create additional content.  Simply break your large asset up into smaller chunks.​


Topic Clusters

Topic clusters are derived from pillar content and fuel lead generation by providing multiple lead magnets that can be used across different channels.

Multiple Channels

With long-form assets like case studies and individual topic clusters you can deploy your messaging across multiple channels.  Paid media and email marketing can drive immediate results while blog posts and social media sharing can build domain authority for your website over time.

When your prospects look online for solutions, make sure you’re there to be found.


Paid Search

Stand out in search engine results for the important soliuton-based keywords your prospective customers are searching for.


Paid Social

Leverage social media platforms where your customers are active from Facebook to LinkedIn.


Pay Per Click

Leverage the PPC model which allows you to pay only for unique clicks on your ads and optimize your advertising budget.

Split (A|B) Testing

The number one rule in online advertising is to test everything. We’ll help you test multiple versions of each ad to generate the best results.

Resource articles and featured research.

Marketing is a complex equation that pulls together strategy, content and technology.  We publish thought leadership and resource articles to help share best practices on content marketing, technology and b2B sales enablement.

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Your B2B business needs a social media strategy.

Your B2B business needs a social media strategy.

Believe it or not, your B2B business needs a social media strategy.facebooktwitterlinkedinrssThink of your social media content strategy as your blueprint for your Business's success across social platforms. If you don't put together a solid plan, you will find that...