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MSUITE: Demand Generation for Construction Technology Software

Customer Profile

MSUITE needed content & sales enablement tools to drive customer acquisition.

MSUITE is a cloud-based suite of management software to connect BIM, Fab, and Field Construction Teams. MSUITE helps you track, manage, and share data throughout the entire life-cycle of a construction project.

As an emerging growth company, MSUITE needed a comprehensive marketing strategy and a suite of foundational sales enablement tools to support sales and customer acquisition.

“Peritus is great at helping define strategy, especially in the software sales arena, building content and sales enablement tools that drive customer acquisition.” – Benny Baltrotsky, MSUITE|Stanley Black & Decker

Peritus began by conducting stakeholder interviews with subject matter experts across the organization. From the C Suite to the sales team, critical insight was synthesized to develop buyer personas and map put the buying journey. Together, these tools helped shape to content messaging matrix which framed the editorial calendar.

Building the Editorial Calendar

Framing the Editorial Calendar really began with completing the Content Messaging Matrix. Because MSUITE’s software is on the cutting edge of the construction industry’s adoption of pre-fabrication, messaging had to speak to the potential customers who may not even be aware that such a solution exists within the marketplace.

This meant creating content for each stage in the buyer journey to explain how the suite of software tools can help customers address design/build and fab to field challenges. On top of this, MSUITE is still an early stage company. The marketing tech stack was still being solidified, a new website was in development, and the sales team needed foundational level collaterals.

Sales Enablement Foundation

MSUITE’s sales team were desperate for foundational job aids like one pagers to help explain how the software helps solve real world business challenges.

The Tactics We Used


With any emerging niche software, developing a sound keyword strategy can be challenging. As the construction industry is still adopting the building techniques supported by MSUITE’s software, there were no real clear winners with significant search volume. However, Peritus was able to leverage its deep knowledge of the construction vertical and identify several opportunities with the potential for ranking in search engine results pages.

Once the keyword strategy was in place a consistent blog post and social media effort could be implemented. In the short time since, MSUITE’s website traffic was up over 866%.

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Drive demand generation through a content marketing strategy.  Support the Sales team with MQL’s to fill the top of the funnel.  

Build content based on thought leadership around BIM and pre-fabrication.  Tailor messaging to personas.

+61% increase in keyword ranking               

+866% website visitors

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