Reach, Nurture & convert

We build integrated marketing campaigns that include content creation and a complete set of marketing tools (web, social, email, chat, and text) to engage your audience at each stage in the buyer journey.
Save Time With Automation

Use automated workflows to nurture leads based on their unique interests – then compel them to take action.

Put drip campaigns on autopilot

Use email scheduling and advanced automation recipes to build content and schedule delivery in advance.

Personalize Customer experiences

Build relevant experiences right into the fabric of your website and landing pages. Use tags to segment contacts based on their activity and interests, and follow up in another channel – with even more relevant messaging. 

Gate content with integrated forms

Gate content with integrated forms to capture new prospects.  Embed lead capture forms dirctely on your website and landing pages. 

Provide sales teams with actionable insights

Track prospect engagement across web, social, email, chat and text channels.  Use dynamic lead scoring to provide sales teams with real-time buying signals based on prospect behavior.


Need Our Help?

Contact us today to see how marketing automation software and content creation can help your company. 

Marketing Services

We implement integrated marketing campaigns that combine the best of content and automation software.

Executing on your marketing strategy is a complex, and changing equation that combines the content you create with the technology you use to deliver it.  Peritus helps marketing teams implement turn-key, marketing automation software and fuel marketing campaigns with highly targeted content.

We can help you better understand your ideal customer profile and leverage keyword research to ensure that the content you create resonates with your target audience and gets found on the channels where prospects are active.  Peritus implements marketing automation software that delivers robust functionality across web, social, email, chat and text channels with lead scoring recipes to empower your sales team.

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Software (MAS) helps you run targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns, and automatically tailor your message for each stage in the customer lifecycle.

Content Creation

Peritus helps Marketing teams build lead magnets like case studies, ebooks, white papers and blog content.  We’re experts at translating your to subject matter expertise into content that resonates with your audience.

Featured Research

Sales teams face a multitude of challenges.  We regularly publish research to help share best practices on topics like sales enablement, content marketing and sales automation technology.