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Done-for-you email marketing that works.

Leading software companies trust Peritus Marketing with email marketing strategy, delivery, and campaign execution.

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Outreach Sequences

Outreach Sequences are an important tool sales teams use to follow up on new leads.


Newsletter Management includes HTML templates, email subject lines, imagery, body copy & CTAs.

Nurture Campaigns

Email drip campaigns are the most precise distribution method for personalized content.

Boost open rates withexpertly crafted email campaigns.

At Peritus, we’re serious about email messaging.  We’ll craft messaging that speaks to your personas’ challenges, plays to your brand’s competitive positioning, and markets the feature/solution sets that differentiate your SaaS offering. 


Our Email Marketing Strategists take a scientific, data-based approach to craft messaging for your specific personas.


We’ll build a Product Messaging Matrix to align Persona > Challenge > Feature > Solution into email messaging.

Let us help with data for a better ROI on email.

Don’t let a bad data set compromise your email marketing.  As an email marketing leader in the SaaS space since 2019, we can help strengthen your database with persona driven contact records.

  • Guaranteed 85% Accuracy Rate on Contact Records
  • Run Your Suppression List to Prevent Duplicates
  • Refunded Credits for Non-Performing Email Addresses

  • Persona Research & Ideal Customer Profile
  • Database Construction 
  • Audience Identification
  • Industry, Title, & Buying Intent Identifiers

  • List Segmentation
  • Enhanced Email Personalization
  • Improved Open Rates
  • Increased Click-Through Rates

  • Unsubscribe Management
  • Email Bounce Rate Management
  • Database Curation

  • Contact Record Imports
  • CRM Database Management
  • Marketing Automation Software (MAS) Database Management

“It’s great to find an agency with expertise in construction tech and who can build content that resonates with our audience.”

~ David S., ConstructEdge

Protect your brand with our deliverability services.

Do you want to make sure your emails get where they need to go? Our email deliverability services will help take the worry out of your next campaign. With our experienced team, we can safeguard your brand from email issues, making sure all messages are delivered appropriately and on time!

  • Email Sending Domain

    A separate email sending domain protects your primary business emails from getting snared in spam filters.

  • DKIM & SPF Management

    Authenticating DKIM and SPF records is a must have to ensure email deliverability.

  • Use Your Own Software or Send With Ours

    Use your own email software or send campaigns with our proprietary SalesRocket automation platform.

  • GDPR & CAN-SPAM Compliance

    We'll make sure you stay in-bounds with required unsubscribe links and sender address details.

Start-to-finish email marketing campaigns that cover all the bases.

As an email marketing leader in the SaaS space since 2019, our teams of content marketers, creative writers, videographers, graphic designers and data-driven strategists have over 50 years of experience.

Persona Based
Persona Based

Personalized Messaging

Email drip campaigns are the most precise distribution method for delivering personalized content. Peritus can create, manage, and report on campaigns built to run on the platform of your choosing.

Responsive HTML Design
Responsive HTML Design

Custom Email Templates

We make email look beautiful on all devices.  Peritus can develop custom email and newsletter templates based on your brand guidelines and import driectly into your email platform of choice.

Email Deliverability
Email Deliverability

Data & Deliverability

Our email deliverability services will help take the worry out of your next campaign. With our experienced team, we can protect your primary email sending domain, manage DKIM/SPF configuration and GDPR/CAN-SPAM compliance.

Email Campaign Performance
Email Campaign Performance

Measurement & Attribution

We'll configure custom Google UTM parameters and set up reporting in your Google Anlytics G4 property so that you can track performance for every email campaign. 

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Increase brand awareness, fill your sales pipeline, and reach customer acquisition goals with start-to-finish email marketing.

“Peritus helped us in a pinch when we needed to ramp up content creation. It was great to have a partner who understands demand generation in the SaaS space.”

    Jeff Sample
    Jeff Sample


    “Peritus made an immediate impact on our marketing strategy. From marketing automation to building case studies and product guides they've been a huge help.”

      Chuck Dirks
      Chuck Dirks

      Innovas Technologies

      "Peritus is great at helping define strategy, especially in the software sales arena, building content and sales enablement tools that drive customer acquisition.”

        Benny Baltrotsky
        Benny Baltrotsky

        Stanley Black & Decker

        "Peritus is a partner with both expertise in creating content for SaaS marketing and who can operate at the right pace to keep up with a fast moving startup."

          Arik Davidi
          Arik Davidi


          “Peritus has done a great job standing up a foundation to drive demand generation for PypeServer. It’s great to work with a partner who knows the software market.”

            David Basiji
            David Basiji

            PypeServer Software

            “It's great to find an agency with expertise in construction technology and who can build relevant content that resonates with our target audience.”

              David Smigel
              David Smigel


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