MAS Administration

We’ll support your existing marketing automation software (MAS), or help you implement e new instance.  We experts with HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Marketo, and Pardot just to name a few.

Email Marketing

Build an entire series of emails in advance and schedule them for a specific date and time.  Perfect for events, holidays, birthdays, and marketing funnels.  Help busy sales teams put prospecting on autopilot.


Lead Scoring

Get the most out of your marketing software by measuring how prospects engage with your content.  Track email opens, link clicks, and website visits.  Use lead scoring recipes to assign a numerical value to prospcet behavior.

CRM Integration

We’ll help you integrate your CRM to ensure that the buying signals captured by your automation software show up where they are needed the most – in front of your sales team.  Automate deal creation and create follow up tasks to empower your sales team.

Managing the Marketing Technology Stack

Digital marketing can be complex.  There are a lot of moving parts, and they all need to work together for the content marketing engine to run correctly.  Your website, marketing automation software (MAS), and CRM each play a part,

In the absence of a full-time marketing resource, the barrier to entry for mid-market companies can be overwhelming.  At Peritus, we support HupSpot, ActiveCampaign, Pardot, and Marketo among other platforms.

We’re experts in configuring the automation recipes that deliver your content, calculate lead scoring, run email drip campaigns, and track how prospects engage with your messaging.

Our Content Packages include support to help you optimize your marketing technology stack.  If you’re in need of a new tool, SalesRocket® by Peritus is built on a world-class platform and comes pre-built with automation recipes for a fast start.


SalesRocket® by Peritus.

SalesRocket® gives you sales automation tools like email scheduling, pre-built drip campaigns and an integrated CRM help you engage, nurture and convert prospects – all on one platform.  Manage marketing automation and sales activity right from your dashboard.


Turn-Key Setup

Your instance comes with a complete library of built-for-you automation recipes to help run drip campaigns, email welcome series and lead scoring.


Built on a World-Class Platform

Built on a world-class CRM and marketing automation platform used by over 100,000 businesses, your account comes completely configured out-of-the-box.


Pre-Built Automation Recipes

Built-for-you engagement scoring recipes track when prospects open emails or visit your website.  This real-time insight into prospect engagement helps prioritize sales activity.

The marketing automation tools you need.

Track Email Opens

Track when prospects open your emails in a live activity stream.

Email Marketing

Build your emails in advance and shedule them for a specific date and time.

Conditional Content

Show contacts different content based on certain conditions.

Mobile Responsive

Make sure your emails look good on mobile devices with responsive design templates.

Managed Email Delivery

Reach as many people as possible with managed deliverability.

Integrated CRM

Manage Contacts, Accounts and Deals within an integrated CRM.

Track Website Visits

Connect your email marketing to your contact’s engagement with your website.

Lead Scoring

Use lead scoring recipes to assign a numerical value to prospect behavior.


Connect your email marketing with over 200+ apps.

Top performing G2 leader.

Answers to Your Questions

Do I have to sign a contract with SalesRocket?

SalesRocket® is a month-to-month service.

We know they exist, but we’re not sure why any CRM or marketing automation service would lock you into a contract.

If a system delivers, won’t clients be happy to continue using it without a contract?

This has been our experience!

Can I edit the pre-written emails and text messages?

Yes, you can edit anything you want. Your initial setup gets you a completed system, but it’s not locked down.  You are free to make any changes and enhancements as you wish.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes! You can manage your business from both Apple and Andriod devices with the SalesRocket® mobile app. Easily review your email reports, track customer activity, and manage your CRM data — where you want it, when you need it.

Is SalesRocket primarily a CRM or a Marketing Automation Software?

It’s both! SalesRocket® is built on a leading CRM and marketing automation system with over 100,000 users.  The beauty of SalesRocket® is that you get your CRM and an insanely powerful marketing automation system all wrapped into one.

Does SalesRocket have a landing page builder?

Yes! The platform includes a drop and drag landing page builder. You can easily construct webpages and integrate built-in lead capture forms to deliver your lead magnets like case studies, white papers and ebooks.

Can I build my own automations or edit the ones SalesRocket installs?

Yes! 100%.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes.  Telephone and email support is included for website and marketing automation customers.  We also offer regular training and a resource library.