“Four in five users increased their leads using marketing automation software.”

– INVESP, 2020

lead scoring

Knowing when a potential customer takes action is critical.   Lead scoring recipes assign weighted value to activities like opening a campaign email or visiting your website.

track site visits

Site tracking tells you which website and landing pages your prospects are visiting.  Contact activity is tracked real time and automatically updated within the CRM.   This gives you insight on the specific features of your solution that are of interest to the prospect and which campaigns get the most traction.

view email engagement

Email tracking updates the CRM each time a prospect opens an email.  The activity timeline shows individual opens and tracks link clicks.  This gives salespeople actionable intelligence and provides marketing with data on top performing campaigns.

Email Scheduling

Build email campaigns in advance and deliver your messages at a specified date, time and cadence.  Email automation lets you build an entire campaign and put it on autopilot.

Drip Campaigns

Create a series of emails to nurture your prospects through each stage of the buyer journey.  Build trigger points that automatically launch your nurture series when the prospect takes specific actions.


Send a welcome series to new customers or automatically deliver lead magnets to your prospects.  Autoresponders help you automate follow up activities keeping your team focused on closing more business.

Manage Contacts in an integrated CRM.

All in one marketing automation and CRM software makes it easy to manage contacts, deals, pipelines and accounts.   

Automatically Create New Deals

Build automations to create new deals within the CRM when prospects take actions like downloading lead magnets or watching a webinar. 

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David Staples

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Marketing Automation gives your sales team the tools to track prospect engagement in real time.

Lead scoring gives you real time insight into a potential customers level of engagement with your company’s solution.  In turn, this helps sales reps prioritize business development activity around pipeline management rather than endless prospecting and leads to more closed deals.

Send automated emails to nurture prospects.

Automated email campaigns can be used to  drive marketing campaigns or send a welcome series to onboard new customers.  Messaging can be tailored based on the customer’s profile and built to address each stage within the buyer journey.  Email automation is an essential tool help sales teams nurture prospects and to manage customer relationships.

Put CRM maintenance on autopilot.

Another powerful advantage gained from implementing automation software is that it allows you to perform routine sales activities and assign follow up tasks based on triggers set up within the software.  For example, creating new deals and updating contact records helps free up your salespeople to focus more time on selling.

The sales tools you need to market smarter and sell faster.

Pipeline Management

View the progression of deals within your pipeline and manage follow up activity.

Lead Scoring

View prospect engagement with your messaging and prioritize sales activity.

Site Tracking

Track when prospects visit your website and see which pages they view.  

Email Scheduling

Build email campaigns and schedule delivery at a specified date and time.

Split Testing

Test variables and optimize the performance of marketing campaigns. 

Track Email Opens

See what emails your prospects are opening and which campigns are converting.

Detailed Reporting

Get detailed reporting on campaign and marketing channel performance. 

Automate Sales Tasks

Create follow up tasks for your sales team based on contact actions.

Marketing Automation Software

  • Hundreds of pre-built automations.
  • Email marketing, funnel automation and CRM.
  • Segmentation, and personalization across social, email, messaging, chat, and text.
  • 300+ integrations.
  • Lead gen, and nurturing tracks.
  • Real time insight on which programs are moving the sales revenue needle.
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