93% of B2B companies say that content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing tactics.

– Forbes

Brand Strategy

We’ll unearth your brands most powerful stories and tackle the toughest — and the most technical — topics.  We’ll help you uncover your brand’s personality to unlock your inbound and content marketing potential.


Buyer Personas

We’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your audience through customer and stakeholder interviews.  This helps build targeted campaigns to generate more qualified leads for the Sales Team. 


Leveraging Keyword Research, Sales Feedback, Competition, and Market information helps rapidly uncover content creation opportunities designed to serve multiple needs for generating more leads.

Pillar Content

Pillar content in the form of whitepapers or case studies, covers broad topics and forms the cornerstone of individual campaigns.  The idea is that if you have one large ebook, you can leverage it to create additional content.  Simply break your large asset up into smaller chunks. 

Topic Clusters

Topic clusters are derived from pillar content and fuel lead generation by providing multiple lead magnets that can be used across different channels.

Multiple Channels

With long-form assets like case studies and individual topic clusters you can deploy your messaging across multiple channels.  Paid media and email marketing can drive immediate results while blog posts and social media sharing can build domain authority for your website over time. 

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Rebound from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This eBook is designed for startups and small-medium businesses looking to rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic and searching for solutions to accelerate company growth and revenue. Our proven marketing framework, software, and services empower our clients to manage customer journeys effectively and generate remarkable sales growth.


“Peritus has been instrumental in helping Staples Construction develop and execute an effective business development and marketing campaign.”

David Staples

Owner, Staples Construction Company

Building the content marketing machine

Leveraging Keyword Research, Sales Feedback, Competition, and Market information helps rapidly uncover content creation opportunities designed to serve multiple needs for driving more business.  We develop efficient content marketing programs to deliver results.  For example, one client case study can be used for the website, in a blog article, featured in a 3-part nurture email campaign, promoted in a LinkedIn Ad or Google PPC campaign. This is how Peritus Marketing helps businesses with limited marketing resources, create high-value, high-quality content for marketing programs at scale.  And bring in more qualified leads. 

Small to medium-sized businesses need to run highly efficient campaign-focused editorial calendars. Peritus helps set up the data-driven process to create and run campaigns using different models including “do it for you” or “do it with you” or train your team to “do it yourself” using marketing automation software.

We create content based on research.

We Audit Competition, Personas, and map Buyer Journeys to determine where meaningful touchpoints necessitate content creation that connects with audiences and differentiates your business.

Content for each stage in the buyer journey.

Your buyer journey outlines the process your customers go through when making a purchase decision.  Typically, this maps well to your sales funnel, which you can break up into early, mid, and late stage content.

Pillar content for multiple channels.

The right content, based on solid research, will help drive campaigns on multiple digital channels.  For example, one Thought Leadership ebook can drive an email campaign, a webinar series, social media posts, and an assortment of Sales Enablement tools.

6 key benefits of content marketing.

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Gets Marketing and Sales in alignment.

Generate More Leads

Generates more Qualified Leads and Sales.

Pipeline Management

Makes your sales funnel more predictable.

Brand Awareness

Builds trust and relationships with customers.

Higher ROI

Higher ROI on marketing and sales investment.

Boosts sales Productivity

Boosts sales productivity and revenue growth.