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Content for software companies: making the most from your marketing budget.

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Creating content for software companies is often the most labor-intensive task for marketers.

If there’s one thing all marketers can agree on, it’s that creating content is almost always the most labor-intensive task. Whether you’re writing blog posts, creating videos, or designing graphics, it can take a lot of time and energy to create pieces with maximum reader engagement.

But at the same time, producing great content is key to success in marketing. It helps you build relationships with your customers and engage them in a conversation about your products and services. Not only that, but great content captures attention and encourages readers to come back for more. That’s why so many organizations emphasize content marketing to fill the top of the sales funnel. So while creating content may sometimes seem like a daunting task, it’s essential for any successful marketing strategy — and the rewards you reap will be well worth the investment of effort.

Why does content creation take so much energy?

Creating marketing content can be time consuming and sometimes feels like an uphill battle. It’s hard to come up with fresh ideas that capture the attention of potential customers and then consistently push new deliverables through production. Secondly, marketers need to decide which medium they want to use (videos, blogs, etc.) and create high-quality content that aligns with the desired goal. What’s more, if the content is going online it must work with SEO algorithms in order for it to find its intended audience. And finally, not all pieces of content will be successful; sometimes you just have to keep trying until something sticks!

Clearly with so many challenging steps involved in creating effective and engaging marketing content, it’s no wonder why it takes so much energy and effort! The payoff for effective marketing campaigns, however, make all the difficulty worthwhile. By taking your time to create quality material that appeals to your target market, you can build meaningful relationships with existing customers as well as gain new ones. So next time creating a successful campaign is draining your resources, remember these tips and celebrate those victories when they do come!  There’s definitely a reason why creating marketing content takes so much energy – but ultimately it’s worth it!   ​​​​​​

There are different skills needed to pull it off, and not all teams have every skill in-house.

Crafting an effective marketing campaign requires more than just coming up with a clever headline and writing a few sentences; such efforts require several skills, including engaging copywriting, creative graphic design, and well-designed web pages. It can be difficult for teams to find individuals who are able to pull all these pieces together effectively, as it’s highly specialized knowledge. What’s more, many companies don’t have the resources to hire in-house experts in all of these areas. Fortunately, though, there is another option: leveraging outside help from experienced professionals who specialize in each of those critical areas. By working with experienced marketers from outside your company or organization, you get access to their expertise and knowledge without needing to hire them full-time. Working with external marketers can open up new avenues for success that your core team likely doesn’t have the focus or bandwidth to tackle on their own. In other words: if you want your digital initiatives to truly succeed, consider seeking out help from experienced professionals in copywriting, graphic design and web development. It can make a world of difference!

With limited resources, SaaS marketers need to be smart about creating content for software companies.

When creating content for a software company on a limited budget, it’s important to be smart and strategic.  In the current highly competitive world of marketing, creating engaging content for software companies can be a daunting task with limited headcount and small budgets.

It’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed and underprepared for all that needs to be done within these constraints. However, savvy marketers are discovering the benefits of lean content creation principles to stretch their reach and get the most from their marketing content. Instead of creating separate assets for each task—such as emails, articles, and social media posts—high-performing SaaS marketers make sure their content works for them in multiple ways. They don’t create things from scratch every time; instead, they share single assets across multiple customer touchpoints, using snippets or mining text to produce interesting tweets or a blog post headline. When combined with other forms of personalization (such as customer segmentation) this approach can dramatically multiply the impact of every piece of content you create. By carefully leveraging your existing content in this way, you can ensure maximum benefit while keeping down costs and reducing stress on team members—a win-win solution that no modern marketer can afford to ignore!

Use the Lean Content theory.

The lean content theory is great for anyone who is looking to make the most out of their content. With this approach, you start with a piece of pillar content – like a case study or an eBook – and break it down into smaller, easily-digestible bits. This could mean taking one piece of content and boiling it down into two blog articles, creating an email campaign from the text, and slicing out parts to share on social media.

Not only does it help you stretch your existing resources further, but each piece helps to drive readers further down the sales funnel when done properly. The key here is to be strategic about what lessons you can pull from each piece of content and make sure that each part supports the others so that readers don’t feel lost as they get sent from platform to platform. When done correctly, repurposing your content in smaller chunks can be a powerful way to help generate more leads while making sure your limited marketing resources aren’t wasted!

Deliver your content across multiple marketing channels. 

Creating content is just one part of the story. Once you have crafted your pillar piece and generated an arsenal of supporting materials in the form of blog articles, email campaigns and even social videos, it’s time to start distributing it across multiple channels. While social media can be a great way to get the word out, organic SEO on your website can give you a powerful advantage too. Not only will quality blog articles indexed on search engines help drive more organic traffic to your website, but they can also give your posts valuable ratings in terms of relevance and accuracy. You may also want to add personal touches by investing in email marketing campaigns that provide tailored, relevant messages that appear directly in people’s inboxes. Spread across a range of channels like this, your content has a much greater chance of reaching its intended audience – and achieving results for your business. So, when creating content for software companies, marketers should keep this mantra in mind: write it, distribute it, measure it!


Creating content, especially content that really stands out, can be a huge challenge. Even the most experienced content-creator can find it tricky to craft an engaging piece that sticks in readers’ minds. But don’t let this stop you! To make sure you get the best return on your efforts, break each pillar piece into smaller bites and spread them across multiple channels. These mini pieces may look small at first, but by reaching different readers throughout the day, you’ll give your content much more reach and impact than if you just put it out once. Using this strategy, software marketing teams can optimize limited resources, or get the most from agency partners to keep the content engine rolling along. Making even a small change in strategy can go a long way when it comes to consistently generating quality content – so good luck!

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