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Channel Survey: What’s working in SaaS Marketing for 2023

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About the Survey

At the heart of any successful marketing strategy is a sound channel mix. In order to reach your target audience and maximize ROI, you need to have a clear understanding of which channels are most effective for your particular business. In an effort to help companies better understand their options, we are putting together our latest report on SaaS marketing channels, Channel Strategy: What’s Working in SaaS Marketing for 2023.

What’s in the Report?

In this report, we take an in-depth look at some of the most popular marketing channels used by SaaS companies today. We analyze the pros and cons of each channel, as well as how companies can make the most out of them in order to achieve their business goals. Whether you’re looking to improve lead generation through email campaigns or enhance customer satisfaction with social media, this report provides all the tips and tricks you need to create a comprehensive, successful channel strategy for your SaaS business. Don’t miss out – stay ahead of the curve and get a copy of our timely new industry report today!

Survey Details

To help shed some light on these issues, our survey will collect insights from over 1,500 software executives, founders, and marketing leaders. The compiled report will provide respondents with insights on:

  • Which marketing channels provide the best ROI for software marketers.
  • Relevant, authentic insights from your industry peers. 
  • Important tactics for success on individual channels.

By carefully considering which channels make sense for them individually and adapting their strategy as needed over time, SaaS marketers can ensure that they are using their time and resources most effectively when engaging with their target audience online.  Click here to participate in the survey (7 minutes). 

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