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5 Marketing Tips for Kicking Off 2021 Right.

5 Marketing Tips for Kicking Off 2021

Are you trying to finish 2020 right and make Q1 2021 planning feel like less of a moving target? The trends are taking shape, so here are 5 marketing tips to consider for your content plans next year.

Your B2B business needs a social media strategy.

social media content strategy

Think of your social media content strategy as your blueprint for your Business’s success across social platforms. If you don’t put together a solid plan, you will find that your social efforts lack direction and don’t deliver the results you expect to see.
You need to dedicate the time and resources to plan your approach, map out exactly what you want to achieve, how you will get there, and how you will measure the impact that your efforts have on your goals.

In 7 Steps: Your Strategic Editorial Calendar

Digital Editorial Calendar

Pre-pandemic editorial calendars were too focused on logistics – days and times to publish content and a predetermined cadence. Digital campaigns require many new types of assets to engage audiences. This means you need more strategy to enable your content to work for you.
So what does it mean to integrate lean content strategy into your editorial calendar? How does this work into monthly sprints so you can adapt topics to real-time changes in the industry and build content for performance.

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