B2B Sales Enablement

We help build the sales enablement tools your B2B sales team needs to succeed in a digital-first sales environment.
View Lead Progress

Utilize Lead scoring to assign a numerical value based on calls, email engagement, and site activity, so you always know which prospects are ready to talk to your team.

Automate Deal Creation

Streamline pipeline management by using automation recipes to create new deals when prospects take certain actions – like submitting a form, downloading a lead magnet, or requesting a demo.

Nurture Prospects With Automation

Filling the top of the funnel is one of the hardest jobs in sales.  Email scheduling and automation recipes give you the tools to trigger automated outreach and nurture leads until they’re ready to get on a sales call.

Real-Time Buying Signals

Notify your salespeople when prospects browse specific pages or put in a pricing request.  Use automation to send notifications so that your sales team knows when to follow up. 

Integrated CRM

Manage contacts, accounts, and your entire pipeline in a single platform.  View pipeline activity from a mobile app, work out of your personal email account, and automatically update contact details as a deal moves forward.

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We help build the B2B sales enablement tools your team needs to succeed in a digital-first sales environment.

The traditional business development model for B2B sales teams is under stress.  In a digital world, cold calling and in-person meetings are less effective than they have been in the past.  Outbound advertising has a limited reach, high cost and low ROI.  Sales teams across the spectrum are recognizing the need to pivot to a new sales model based on a digital-first strategy. 

Industries ranging from advanced manufacturing to professional services and healthcare recognize that their subject matter expertise translates well into a content marketing strategy where lead magnets like e-Books, “How To” Guides, Webinars, Videos and Case Studies are used to attract and nurture new customers.

Peritus helps sales teams combine Marketing Automation Software and Content Creation.  This provides the information that prospects are looking for as they move through the buyer journey and self-educate about potential solutions.  Automation technology measures how prospects engage with marketing content and gives sales teams real-time visibility on buying signals.  This offers sales teams a better way to fill the top of the funnel.

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Software (MAS) is the #1 sales enablement tool to help B2B sales teams fill the top of the funnel.  We build turn-key solutions that leverage automation technology to engage prospects.

Content Creation

Peritus helps B2B sales teams build lead magnets like case studies, ebooks, white papers and blog content.  We’re experts at translating your to subject matter expertise into content that resonates with your audience.

Featured Research

Sales teams face a multitude of challenges.  We regularly publish research to help share best practices on topics like sales enablement, content marketing and sales automation technology.