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Construction Marketing Tips

7 Mission Critical Tactics for Your Construction Marketing Strategy

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The pandemic, Covid-19, changed life as we know it, sparking businesses to re-evaluate how they operate. The construction industry is no exception, causing many contractors to find the balance between social distancing and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) use. Like many industries, construction has seen great challenges during the pandemic, causing the industry to become more creative with marketing to build a better brand.  

Construction Marketing Challenges

Construction Marketing has its challenges. With new technology taking over everything from communication to project proposals, construction company owners have been forced to embrace these technologies in place of a traditional “handshake.” You need to build your brand and generate awareness and educate prospects to separate your business from the competition. 

Here are some suggestions to help build your brand, increase qualified leads, and get your company in front of the right decision-makers.

Construction Marketing Ideas That Work

1. Establish A GREAT Website 

Every business, small or large, needs a good website. A professional website builds trust, helping to establish your legitimacy. If potential clients cannot find you online, they likely will move to other prospects. 

Your Construction Marketing Website Should Have:

  • An About Page—who you are, your history, and experience
  • A Services Page—what services you offer
  • A Testimonials Page—what others say about you
  • A Gallery Page—visually show results of your work
  • A Blog Page—regular updates with good content
  • A Contact Page—for better communication with clients. 

2. Embrace Social Media

Social Media is an effective tool for good construction marketing. The key is to do it right.

For commercial and residential contractors and companies, social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are essential for reaching target audiences. Also, use hashtags to reach larger audiences with similar interests. These platforms can help build a notable referral community to pass along your name and promote your services. Social Media, in addition, is an excellent way to build relationships with customers, and enable you as a civic business leader. Simply put, a Facebook Page is a standard for all businesses, for those in the B2B market and larger-scale construction companies, your primary platform should be LinkedIn.

A LinkedIn presence will help reach decision-makers who are seeking proposals for large projects. It can also help create a good referral network with vendors. The key is to make your LinkedIn Profile and Page attention-getting, informative, and professional. Consider the posting of articles with “Calls to Act” (e.g., links to read articles, see a demo, etc.) to establish your company as a knowledgeable leader in your industry.

3. Create A Newsletter

Monthly newsletters are excellent tools for email marketing in highlighting current or completed projects. A newsletter should not be all about educating your audience on projects, clients and how these services can impact their businesses. Newsletters are perfect tools for establishing and maintaining customer relationships.

4. Make An Impact With Video

video delivers your message quickly on a website, on social media, or emailed in a newsletter. It is one of the best investments in construction marketing.

5. Build a Partnership Network

Good partnerships are fundamental in construction and can be great lead builders. LinkedIn is an essential platform for building such partnerships. Your website should have a partners’ page with a contact form for those wishing to engage. Seek out other organizations that may benefit from partnering. Publicize your partnerships on your website. The ACG (Associated General Contractors of Georgia) is an excellent place to start. You should also connect with your local Chamber of Commerce and Business Associations.

6. Host a Webinar

A webinar with a topic of interest to your industry is a great way to attract potential vendors, clients, and employees. Be specific in attracting an audience to best promote expertise.

7. Bring In Qualified Leads using PPC

Paid Advertising is an effective way to gain qualified leads. You’ll need someone trained and knowledgeable in performing PPC correctly. PPC requires careful oversight, testing, and targeting audiences to work well. So seek experts in the field, or you’ll end up wasting marketing dollars. 

Investing in Construction Marketing Pays Off If Done Right

Construction Marketing requires a team knowledgeable in marketing and comfortable working with the industry. In contrast, many small construction businesses try to keep their marketing in-house, such as using an admin to do the work. This can often cost considerable money with few results and cause headaches for your office staff.

A marketing team with all the resources in-house or right marketing partner can carefully coordinate and design a construction marketing strategy for your business that delivers results, assuring proper emphasis is placed on the tools that best fit your company.

Article Written by: Conor O’Brien

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