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ALl In One Marketing Solution

5 Things To Look For In An All In One Marketing Solution

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Why An All In One Marketing Approach Makes Sense

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses and startup companies is effectively marketing their business.  This is important because it creates brand awareness, feeds into sales, and ultimately can help drive revenue, which is the most important part in business.  So, why is this so hard for small businesses and startups?  Well, the biggest challenge is lack of bandwidth, followed closely by a disjointed process.  When you combine theese two elements it’s very difficult to be consistent in your marketing approach and we know that a consistent cadence is one of the most important elements in generating results.  Choosing an all in one marketing approach is an excellent way to ensure consistent execution. 

With the right partner, early-stage companies and those with limited internal bandwidth can ensure the consistent production of content like blog articles, event posts, email campaigns, and maintain a presence on social media.  Each of these pieces by itself doesn’t do a whole lot, but in combination they form the basis of an effective marketing program.  This begs the question, what should you look for in an all in marketing solution?  The following are 5 areas we believe are critical to your success.   

5 Things To Look For In An All In One Marketing Solution

A good marketing plan is more than the sum of its parts.  Not only does each piece interact and support one another, they also feed the creative process ensuring that resources are maximized to make the most of your marketing budget.  Here are 5 elements an all in one marketing solution should include:

1. Done-For-You Email Marketing: Email marketing, through thick and thin, is the most consistent generator of new leads and offers the lowest cost of sales to any other medium.  When done correctly, email can consistently help any business fill the top of the sales funnel.  Things to look out for are relevant subject lines and well-crafted content that resonates with the target audience, good data hygiene and an eye on email deliverability, compelling design, and strong call to action elements.  Together, these components will yield a solid open rate, increase website visitors, and create qualified leads. 

2. Managed Social Media Posts: Social Media may be the bane for many a sane person, but from a marketing perspective it isn’t going away anytime soon.  From Facebook (Meta) to Instagram and LinkedIn, well-crafted social posts, when done with a consistent cadence, can amplify your messaging and create top of mind brand awareness.  An informed hashtag strategy, custom graphics, and relevant headlines will keep your business in the forefront for your target audience.

3. Monthly SEO Blog Content: Blog content serves two primary purposes; it supports your keyword strategy increasing organic website traffic and showcases your subject matter expertise.  Blog articles follow a recipe that includes minimum word count, keyword density, image alt text, excerpt, and H1/H2 content.  As part of an all in one marketing solution, blog articles should reflect keyword research and balance competitive difficulty with relevance for the target audience.  In addition, a well thought out blog strategy can feed email and social media campaigns with much needed content.

4. WordPress Webmaster Services: Websites often get overlooked in marketing execution, which is one reason they are on the list of the top 5 things to consider in an all in one marketing solution.  There is a minimum amount of integration between marketing content (blog articles, content updates, product pages, etc.), email marketing software, CRM and marketing automation software, analytics, and your website.  In fact, a great way to think of this is by using the hub and spoke model.  With your website at the center and acting as the hub, each marketing channel from email to social media serves as a spoke pointing back to your website where you capture visitors, nurture prospects, and ultimately convert them into customers. 

5. GA4 Reporting To Measure Marketing Channel Performance: The final item on our list for an all in one marketing solution is measurement.  While there are a lot of different ways to quantify results, for most startups and small business Google Analytics is the most effective.  With the use of simple UTM parameters most businesses can understand how each marketing channel is performing.  Google’s current tool, GA4, makes it easy to track both source and medium so you know where each website visitor comes from.  Medium is the top-level category and source is the next level of detail.  For example, where social media is the medium individual sources would be LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.   

Tying It All Together

As the name implies, an All In One Marketing Solution integrates each of the elements involved into a cohesive program.  When quality SEO content or a social media post brings a new visitor to your website and they subscribe to your newsletter, your marketing automation software will capture their email address so that they can receive subsequent email campaigns.  Because your website is integrated with other parts of your marketing tech stack, sales teams can get real-time visibility into what prospects are interested in your product or service and take the appropriate action at the right time.  When this happens, an al in one marketing solution drives revenue by effectively filling the top of the funnel.

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