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Build your sales & marketing engine.

Combining CRM, marketing automation software & content.
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Everything you need to implement CRM & marketing automation software – all from one partner.

Startups and small-medium businesses are looking for solutions to accelerate company growth and revenue.  Our proven marketing framework, software, and services empower our clients to manage customer journeys effectively and generate remarkable sales growth.

Generate more sales leads

Generate more qualified leads and empower your sales team by traffic to your website and landing pages and tracking prospect behavior with a single CRM & marketing automation platform. 


Sales & Marketing Alignment

Strengthen the way marketing supports your sales efforts and win more revenue.  Use tools like lead scoring and email nurture campaigns to increase sales enablement. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Build Brand Awareness, Trust, and Relationships with buyers.  Use content marketing to connect with potential customers at each stage in the buyer journey.

Boost Sales Productivity

Free salespeople from the arduous task of cold calling and fill the top of the funnel with qualified leads using Marketing Automation software and targeted content to engage with prospects.. 

Active Campaign

Active Campaign Agency Partner

SalesRocket® by Peritus is built on ActiveCampaign, a world-class sales and marketing automation platform used by over 100,000 businesses to create, deploy, and manage responsive digital campaigns.

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Four in five users increased their leads by using marketing automation software and almost as many (77%) saw an increase in conversions.

– invesp, 2o2o

Our Services

We build tailored marketing and sales solutions for startups and small-medium businesses.  Companies looking to accelreate customer acquisiton and sales revenue growth partner with Peritus Marketing to craft scalable solutions built with strategy, automation software, content and web design.

Marketing Strategy

Just like building a house, your sales and marketing program needs a strong foundation. Peritus’ Stratgey Brief begins with understanding your market, competitors and buyer personas to give you a playbook for constructing a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Content Creation

With so much traffic across digital channels it is important for organizations to deliver relevant, value added content. We offer decades of experience understanding business models across industry and can help you develop content that resonates with your audience.

Web Design

Your website, including all of its landing pages, content and lead magnets should be the hardest working part of your sales team.  We build websitess engineered from the ground up to drive lead generation and with your unique buyer personas, buying journey and sales process in mind.

Integrated Campaigns

We help startups and small-medium businesses navigate marketing automation and content creation.  These cornerstone components help build the foundation for a marketing program that feeds the top of the sales funnel.  We make technology simple and content creation affordable.

Paid & Social Media

Our Paid and Socioal Media solutions help clients get their messaging in front of the right people.  This helps promote your best content to drive more traffic and increase lead generation.  We help startups and small-medium businesses navigate the myriad of social and paid search options.

SEO & Keyword Strategy

Our SEO solutions help clients get their messaging in front of the right people.  This helps promote your best content to drive more traffic and increase lead generation.  We help startups and small-medium businesses develop keywword strategy and improve on-page SEO.

What clients are saying about Peritus

“Peritus has been instrumental in helping Staples Construction develop and execute an effective business development and marketing campaign.”

David Staples

Owner, Staples Construction Company

“The team at Peritus Marketing is 100% focused on ROI, from strategy to program execution. I appreciate that our relationship is more of an alliance to continually grow my business.”

Patricia Bustamante

CEO, HR Extension

“Peritus are experts. They made some suggestions to our Red Apple Reading home page that really brought the whole site up to date! Highly recommended!”

Jason B.

CEO, Red Apple Reading, Inc.

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